Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is EKSPO MAUKERJA all about?
EKSPO MAUKERJA is different from other career fairs in Malaysia. This is not your typical expo where job seekers mass-drops resumes in boxes. Instead, be prepared to experience a job fair where job seekers attend interviews the entire duration of the event. Expect dozens of companies with hundreds of positions that needs filling. To sweeten the deal, we’re promising all interviewees answers within 24 hours.
2. I have registered for EKSPO MAUKERJA and received a registration number. What is the purpose of that number?
That registration number is unique to you and will grant you access to the EKSPO. Please bring along your registration email (actually we just need the number) and we’ll let you in.
3. Do I need to bring along my resume?
Absolutely! In fact, bring along multiple copies if you plan to apply for jobs from multiple companies. If you do forget, please seek us out for assistance to print out your resume.
4. Are there any other documents I should bring along?
You should bring along your cover letter, certificates, references or portfolio (if applicable). In short, anything you think will help you land a job.
5. Will there be jobs for DEGREE holders?
Yes, there will be junior executive level jobs available. Last year, we had more than 50 positions for degree holders. You can check our 2017 job list here.
6. Will there be INTERNSHIP positions?
Yes, internships are available too. Last year, we had more than 20 internship positions. You can check our 2017 job list here.
7. What are the available job positions during this EKSPO?
Click here to view latest jobs offer
8. What should I wear?
Smart casual. Anything comfortable and decent. Remember, your attire plays a big part when interviewing.
9. How many jobs can I apply during this EKSPO?
Due to time constraints, you should to apply between 3 to 5 positions. Anything more and you probably will not have time to prepare.

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